Be Consultative to Grow Revenue & Relationships

Clients want many things from their CPA, but at the top of that list is usually proactive advice. While it seems like a simple thing, many accountants drop the ball and leave their clients wanting more.

Whenever you have the chance to sit down with your clients to talk about the business, you need to fully understand the company’s obvious needs, but you should also use the opportunity to uncover the not-so-obvious ones. Every business owner is facing a challenge that needs a solution. That’s where consultants help. Read more

Three Elements Imperative to Service Innovation

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”

That quote by Peter Drucker illustrates the importance of innovation in business. Innovation is what makes the world go around, and it should be part of regular operations. Who in your firm is responsible for innovation? What are you innovating now?

Innovation is imperative when revenue from a service offering has increased to a significant amount while your margin has dropped. To drive additional revenue in this area, you need to change up what you are doing. That may include conceptualizing something entirely new that you want to take to the marketplace. It could also include adopting a service delivery model that that differs from your competitors. Or it could include providing a special feature to every buyer of a specific service. There are many ways to innovate. Read more