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10 Strategies that Help Drive Top-Line Revenue

There is no one-size-fits-all way to grow a CPA firm. Growth comes from utilizing a mixture of marketing, business development and product management. This free ebook examines 10 strategies that encompass each of these areas; all which can make a significant impact on your top-line revenue.

This ebook includes a:

– definition of the practice growth function

– description of 10 strategies along with why you need them and how they help

– summary of data that can be used to drive strategy

“Marketing has shifted to a data-driven, personalized model that is focused on clients and their needs. Success takes a lot of research and preparation. This ebook provides a clear roadmap and will be extremely helpful to anyone who wants to understand how to appeal to new clients and keep existing clients loyal.”

 ~Marsha Leest, consultant, published author & member of the Accounting Marketing Hall of Fame


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