GPS Course Services

Whether you are beginning a growth journey or continuing on your current path, you need a map. With a Growth & Profitability Strategy (GPS) Course, you will have a better understanding of your current position and will know what your firm needs to do to get closer to your ultimate destination. It’s the strategy on which you can build future action.

There are three GPS Course levels depending on your current strengths as well as where you want to ultimately end up. Each custom strategy is built upon your firm’s unique strengths – what works for your competitor probably won’t be what works for you.

  • Starting Point – Are you new to practice growth? If you don’t yet have a growth culture, we’ll uncover your firm’s appetite for growth among your partners and leadership and use it to determine what your growth plan will look like. From your current marketing tactics to the team you have in place to where you are currently driving revenue, this analysis will lead to an initial growth plan for your firm along with details about the resources you need to bring the plan to life.
  • Alternate Route – You already have either a marketing or growth function in place yet you’re tired of hitting roadblocks and looking at the same scenery. If organic growth is slow, now is the time look at your current strategy and come up with a way to find new revenue streams. Perhaps you have a service line or industry niche that isn’t hitting its true potential. Or the same tactics you’ve used for years no longer work. Or your current leaders are not as motivated as they once were. There are ways to bypass your current juncture and shift your marketing back into full gear. A growth plan that details where your future revenue will come from will be the course you follow.
  • Destination Innovation – You’ve been implementing strategic marketing plans for years now and have seen tremendous growth as a result of your efforts. You have concerns that you’re margins are beginning to tighten. Now is the time to innovate what you’re doing and find new ways to drive revenue and profits. What industry or service line should you explore? What is needed to be successful in these areas? What new offering can you bring to market in one of your existing focus areas? Innovation will drive value and it will provide you with new growth strategies that will continue to feed your top-line.