CMO Outsourcing Services

There are few CPA firms that have the need and resources to hire a CMO to guide their strategy. You don’t have to make that investment to reap the benefits. Utilizing CMO services on a fractional basis will give you high-level strategy that can be implemented by your staff. By outsourcing your CMO-level work, you can receive assistance with:

  • Marketing plan development – Your firm’s marketing plan should step form your firm’s strategic plan. Through a facilitated session, your firm’s ideas for growth can be gathered, further vetted and rolled into a plan that’s unique to you. In addition to overall strategies, it will contain the tactics you need to implement, budget needed and specific measurements to determine success.
  • Spending analysis – Do you know how much you spend on marketing? Are you spending in a way that drives growth? How do you compare to similar firms? When you analyze your spending and benchmark it to other firms, you will have powerful information on which to make future spending decisions.
  • Budgeting & forecasting – Putting a marketing budget together can be complicated, more so if you have separate budgets for niches, offices and/or partners that roll up into the main budget. There are different ways to develop a budget – from analyzing prior spending and making needed adjustments to starting with a zero-based approach. A budget tied to your growth strategy will help ensure the dollars invested are producing the desired results.
  • Staff analysis & reorganization recommendations – Do you have the right members on your marketing team? Should you add a person? Eliminate a position? And what should you do in-house and what should you outsource? This can be best determined by understanding your firm’s and partner’s goals, your internal strengths and capacity as well as your growth plan.
  • Marketing recruiting – You’re looking to hire your first marketer? Or you need to replace a recently departed marketer? You can find a CPA in your sleep, but a marketer is another animal. What should the job description look like? What keywords should you look for on a resume? From coaching you through the hiring process to conducting the search on your behalf, you want to make sure you hire the right person for the job you have.
  • Marketer coaching & development – Personal development is an important part of a CPAs career. The development of your marketer is also important, especially if you want this person to grow with you and implement a solid growth strategy. But do you know what a marketer should be reading? Who they should talk to as they strive to learn a new skill? How he or she should convince you and the other partners to consider an idea? Point them on the path to success by having them coached marketers who understand them and firm growth.